Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harry Reid, Justice O' the Peace

Senate leader Reid blocks Bush's recess appointments.

Harry Reid's not the worst politician in the USA. Compared to a DINO such as Di Feinstein or corporate buffoon like Al Gore (or his clueless fans), Reid seems nearly principled. Neither leftists or rightists care for Reid's pragmatic style of politics, or his somewhat Wyatt Earp-like manner, yet Reid's about as close as any current politician to a sort of Madisonian Federalism.

Reid has adequate preparation for the job as Senate leader: he formerly worked as a prosecutor and made a living busting Nevada mafiosos and casino owners (some cronies of Reagan era appointees--tho' some pals of dem. politicians as well). Prosecutors should not be idolized, but anyone who spent years taking on Vegas pimps deserves some respect. That's not to say that Reid's moderate-liberal politics will likely prevail: marxist zealots (i.e Hillaristas) and/or rightist theocrats have done their best to defeat intelligent secularism for years.


Perezoso said...

UH Oh, Nurse Bonyia, good whiggah grrrl, has its little flame bot turned on! Bad day for Nursie.

You eat turds, puta.

Its feelings hurt, now it tries to do something like invective.

Your insults are as pathetic as your little Karaoke disco act, dreck.

Move back to Yuma, grrls

Phlojo said...

Here's how Aunty Khrust does Karaoke nite:

The words ring out with a flat certainty born of absolute self-esteem — the Saboteur squirms inside, helpless — it is a bad day for him, for the Monster is strong today –

Inside, the Dark Utopian landscape. Skull-gourds and Frazetta-slaves, Masters and Mastered, Fire and Brimstone. Breughelian massacre visions. Many, many insects, their shiny black carapaces streaming along the brown stone causeways.

Bravo! Consolation prize for Aunty KhrustRon, and a cup of warm.........piss. Salud.

You need to be sedated, ASAP, Aunty.

Tio said...

Appears Karoake Sheep has her paranoia-schizophrenia acting up again (or maybe she's jus' enjoying her daily crack buzz) and offers some bogus accusations again!

Not a good idea, since we already have a long laundry list of Miss Karoake's threats and other psychotic writings, including the entire New Karaoke Worlds site...............

J said...

Max said "Got an idea"

McDankeschoen! I'll mull it over a bit. Given previous experiences, I tend to think that anything I posted which was out of step with Reality as Produced by DenDen Kucinich would be attacked and then moderated. Simply mentioning say Chairgal Pelosi's own non-pacifistic politics seems to provoke a nearly Rev. Brown sort of hysteria on NWs.

(The Frazetta non-sequitur was a typical B-on deception and lie--One does not indulge in any "gothic fantasy" by referring to the Robb-Silbermann report, or mentioning Hillary's policies. I'm not an artist either, or doing some creative writing or attempting invective , like others on your site (that said, we doubt the InvectiveRon has finished one Vonnegut text, not to say masters of satire such as Voltaire, Swift, etc. Don't claim to be Mozart when you can't read treble clef).

That's the point on connotation vs. denotation as well. The language was denotational---pacifism could be wrong in some circumstances. Referring to some supposed grounds for the war effort does not create some Brueghelian landscape (whether we agree or not, the leading Dems, excepting Edwards, did support the war effort, and have not recanted).

Besides, the modern world apres Hitler, Stalin, Nam, etc does have a certain Brueghelian aspect, and those who object to that sort of realism are probably Xtians or living in some Norman Rockwell-like suburbanite dream. For instance, recent studies (Mao: the Untold Story) have demonstrated that Mao and his Red Army were responsible for the deaths of approx. 60 million people, either by starvation, imprisonment or outright slaughter (that's history and thus denotation--any Brueghel visions based on Maoist tyranny would be connotation). When does that sort of nightmare appear on NWs? Mao and Stalin (and the nazis) make the supposed crimes of Bush and the US Military as a whole look fairly benign. Atrocity is contextual.

Max said...

Seems like setting the bar fairly low, doncha think?

Hey quit your whining! Could be worse. At least we're not in Mao's league!

What is so inherently wrong with aspiring to be good and do good in the world, just 'cause it feels right? To work for the well being of all, not just the ones with God on our side?

Cue "Imagine" ...

J said...

I'm for Imagine, man, in principle, at least. I don't think your NW cronies are. Nor are muslim radicals or Xtians or or the hysteriaCrats of DailyKOS. (For another Lennon vision (with the lovely Yoko), check out the youtube of FZ and the Mothers with Lennon doing "Scumbag.")

I'll probably register a new s-name in a bit. Really I am sort of exhausted with blogging. It's reached a point of saturation, most likely (Tho' I continue to read the big sites, Slate, etc.) You may note that I wasn't posting the insults, initially. I say something--like the Darwin comment, or Robb-Silbermann references, etc.--and B-bot follows with his hysteria. Read the last few weeks of comments (where mine have gotten through) and you will note that. He's the defamer, the Emo-specialist and fallacymeister. ID politics is conservative and reactionary, even when done by "progressives."

He's the control freak, and as he hisself admits, a Xtian. Or at least attends Churchie regularly. Trust no churchie, even when they toke bongs before service or vote Dem.

J said...

And one notes McMax's "moderation" of innocuous comments on older NW posts, like on a thread with a few Zappa mp3s. What muzak could be more holiday-like--and even pious---than Black Napkins? Not much. You did that with that one old Dead thread as well--censoring any comments which presumably would not please your Baptist master, BeatnikRon.

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