Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Franz Schubert Now On Youtube



Max said...

Bookmarked. :)

J said...

Yeah a nice tune: though I think probably more related to austria than to finland. Check the links at end for other renditions, including jazzy trumpet.

Schubert's music something I have come to appreciate, lately, when taking time away from hectic schedule. He's less pompous than say Beethoven, and at least as gifted in terms of melody, themes. etc. Kind of a refinement of Mozart (without all the foo-foo viennese BS). Perhaps not quite a virtuoso on piano like Chopin or Liszt or other romantic, but also not as schmaltzy. An authentic composer

Max said...

And incredibly prolific if I recall correctly. BTW, I knew a guy in the Mars Society named Frank Schubert who used to play guitar for Devo and claimed to be a direct descendant of Franz.

J said...

Mothersbaugh of DEVO now a force in El Lay, or at least a successful noise panderer. Sometime during 90s I swore off on nearly all rock-rap-pop musak. Might spin a few old Hendrix or maybe Dead or S-Dan CDs in a traffic jam, but to be honest I think Rock Inc was 90% hot air (or hot hormones). I find a lot of jazz unlistenable too really, especially the new "smooth jazz" BS. Still enjoy some jazz ala ECM, Corea, Miles/Bill Evans, Jarrett, even the old swingy stuff of Ellington or Whitestone.

Compared to the greats, whether Schubert or Scriabin or Chopin, most commercial music sounds like childs' play. Even this tune by Schubert seems quite sophisticated and modern compared to the noise that has taken over the radios, TV, and youtube.

You tube though does seem to have helped real serious musicians, whether classical or jazz---or even the occasional ex-zappa band member wearing the occasional python boot. Some catskis however have whined a bit about YT, since an old video might 1000s of hits, and no shekels awarded to catski. Steely-Dan pulled some vids, I heard.

Max said...

"You tube though does seem to have helped real serious musicians"

Like these guys?

J said...

Ah yeah, not half bad groove: at least when I turn the sound off when the "vocals" start . The fractal stuff was interesting: make it move!

Aliens: eh. Typical hickonius fluff.

Max said...

Ah crap. Don't watch the "video." Watch the sheephouse jam. That's music! More to the point, that was a band.

J said...

There's a groove sometimes, though I think you and TB needed to expand your riddums, and yr axe was not up to it (nor are e-drums). Need mo' backbeat, and not just that sort of new-wavey pop beat. (Try like Begonias)

Missy does some tasty fills,tis true, and her vocs are not bad. Skye and the other dude are not horrible; the rhythmic playin's alright (though sort of overly pentatonic--). But there's a big ball of sludge standing in the way of appreciation.

Perezoso said...

Forego the Hume: you and magillanius ripped up his manuscript, while trying to understand one of his easier points (and didn't). Why don't you have your thespian galpal respond to the question regarding his, er her church attendance, and activities for last few years, McCoward? A start.

Actions speak louder than words. At least TB admits to attending church etc Not Miss Thezpian: she'll do her bubblegum atheist-gangsta act, 24/7 (--Kesey! Heh heh. You never made it through a paragraph of even that soldier's prose---) and then head to church each sunday. What a POS.

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