Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad craziness 24-7


""""About this time, an unfortunate lunatic named Damins made a weak attempt on the life of Louis XV. The orthodox in church and state said that plainly the act was inspired by the New Thought of that day. It was perfectly easy to trace the act of a crazy man to the writings of Voltaire, which the man had never read. True, when the man was captured, he had in his hand a copy of the New Testament. Voltaire was delighted when he got this news. "A testament? I told you so. All assassins have a Bible in their daggers, but have you ever heard of one who had a Cicero, a Plato, or a Virgil?"""""

slight retrofit of Marquis de Arouet: at least they nearly always have some form of a Bible--Old testament, New Testament or Koran. People of the Book

things are not what they seem....

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