Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hysteria, Inc.

William F. Buckley........on yahoo? Whoa.

"No. 1 was Mrs. Clinton, with $89 million. Much of the money received reflects the donors' attraction to a favorite. In some contests, only the winner matters; this is not quite the case in a presidential race, because the runner-up may gain influence from a strong showing. And there can always be the candidate who is campaigning on a novel doctrine that catches the favorable notice of the backers.


"Surprisingly close to Mrs. Clinton's $89 million was Barack Obama's $79 million. This presaged the revolution that was. Next in line were three Republicans: Romney with $62 million, Giuliani with $47 million and McCain with $31 million. Then came Edwards at $30 million. A caution: These figures do not disclose self-financing. Thanks to the Buckley-Valeo bill--co-sponsored 30-some years ago by the sainted junior senator from New York, on the grounds that then-new campaign-financing law violated freedom of speech--no limits are permissible on what John Edwards can give to Edwards for President."

"Then there are a few eclectic distributions. Who on earth gave $13 million to Senator Dodd, and why? And meanwhile, Huckabee, with $2.3 million, was down near the bottom of the list, behind candidates such as Joe Biden and Sam Brownback."

Never under-estimate the political and financial power of Pathos. Hysteria Clinton, for instance, sitting, or perhaps squatting on the top of the campaign shekels heap, has raked in $89 million in donations (compared to say $2.3 million for Huckabee--who's representing the American working class?). The only way Boy Obama might compete with that is with some from Chair-sistah Oprah.

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J said...

Ah BubbaRon, the quantum sales-rep, attempts some deeeep free verse (you don't know Ez Pound or Frost from your favorite rap star, phoney hick scheisse), along with his daily misconstruing of modern physics. It's a Win-win situation, dewd, carved in granite and basalt on the misty mountain. Your sheit's worse than like Led Zeppelin outtakes.

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