Friday, January 04, 2008


Quote: "a 95% white state just voiced their full and overwhelming confidence in a black candidate.”

Obviously McM. didn’t quite make it through stats back at ye olde Stargell State. A state didn’t "voice" anything. There are about approx. 2.9 million Iowans. 220,000 of those Iowans voted in the Demoncratic caucus. 38% supported BO, most likely because they were told to. That is about 83,600 humans, er Iowans. So 2.9 % of Iowan Children of the Corn voted for Kid Obama: not exactly a mandate, except to the MSM gauchistes who have decided upon Kid Obama as the Hipster candidate, and thus most deserving of a win (notwithstanding his routine biblethumping, fiscal conservativism, etc.). What do you wager the racial breakdown of that 2.9% has nothing to do with the racial distribution of the state as a whole. McM's statement embodies a fallacy of aggregation, common to blogger leftists who mistake politics for their favorite rap-star popularity contest.

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J said...

Sharptonius belches another lie, this time about a writer he NEVER understood, Robert Heinlein. Heinlein was, as a young man, an Upton Sinclair supporter (ever read him, SharpRon? unlikely), but in 50s he switched his support to the GOP, starting with Eisenhower, then Nixon, then Reagan, though he had libertarian aspects. And the US Military--including Reagan's Star Wars missile defense system. He approved of Nixon/US actions in Nam, for better or worse (care to wager on that truth??). He denounced pacifists, both in writing and speeches (and in his books). And he valued a secular US Constitution (unlike say Kid Ohama). Heinlein’d be supporting McCain—-perhaps Ron Paul.

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