Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reverend Obama, cont.

Here's a quote from a front-runner in the US Prez audition election battle:

"Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering the public square."

Did that issue from the piehole of the hillbilly bapteest Huckabee? Perhaps a bon mot from MittBot, personally guided by the Angel Moroni? A pious genuflection from altar boy Roody G.? NYET. That's Kid Obama representin', a few months ago (before commencing his "40 days of Faith and Phamily" tour of protestant churches across the USA). Had one of the GOPers yawped that, many liberals and secularists--and atheists--would have turned Sally Fields, waxed righteously indignant for a few days, brought up the separation of church and state, referred to Jefferson, or Darwin, maybe Richard Dawkins---or Marx-- innate rights, and so and so forth. The BO, however, has been granted a sort of tactical dispensation, and appears to be immune from the secularists' criticisms.

* * *

We here at Contingencies have been slightly impressed with some of Senator Edward's recent anti-corporatist rhetoric--if not anti-Tory-yankee rhetoric---which bears some resemblance to "economic-realism" for lack of a better term. We might not agree with Edwards' platform and policies across the board--just as we might not agree with the ideological "message" of some harsh, naturalistic novel by Theodore Dreiser, yet still respect Dreiser for having written it (Sister Carrie for the Peoples!). Edwards walks the talk, sometimes. But his economic-realism doesn't make it in the Simulacra of American politics: Reverend Obama's sermons and Hillary's sob-sistah act apparently do, unfortunately, as does the flag-waving of the right.

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Phritz said...

Ah McDimwit offers some musickal reflections. Alas, he's as unqualified to speak on counterpoint, Bach and/or jazz as he is unqualified to discuss the Constitution, BenFranklin and/or Jefferson.

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