Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Archbishop ibn Canterburied

Christopher Hitchens does some representin' in regards to one Rowan Williams, Anglican Archbishop, who recently affirmed his support for "sharia" in Merry Olde Engeland:

""""A BBC interview with Williams had him saying that the opening to sharia would "help maintain social cohesion." If that phrase is even intended to mean anything, it can only imply that a concession of this kind would lessen the propensity to violence among Muslims. But such abjectness is not the only definition of social cohesion that we have. By a nice coincidence, a London think tank called the Center for Social Cohesion issued a report just days before the leader of the world's Anglicans and Episcopalians capitulated to Islamic demands. Titled "Crimes of the Community: Honour-Based Violence in the UK," and written by James Brandon and Salam Hafez, it set out a shocking account of the rapid spread of theocratic crime. The main headings were murder and beating of women, genital mutilation, forced marriage, and vigilante methods employed against those who complained. It could well be—since we are becoming every day more familiar with the first three—that the fourth is the one that should concern us most.""""

Williams' capitulation to the code of the Imams should offend anyone who values the principles of the American Revolution. To the Tower, Master Williams!

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