Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bubbanius, the Quantum Pen-salesman!

Ah theatre-girl, you're in for a surprise, right soon. Your rightist-salesman scab stupidity shall be known for what it is, Roid-rage. Ah, Bubba spouts forth some of his Nurse at Sunday-school ideology:

"""""Indeed, rape and pillage at will; but don’t get caught, as goes the first Existential Imperative. In fact, ruthless insect dominance is the only Truth; the Meat That Can Beat Is The Meat That Is Neat.

And the Sentimentalists will blather on about ‘looking in your child’s eyes, and no longer questioning Light’, and all that biochemical frippery. But they will soon understand the Power Of The Boot On The Neck — the MommyCrats prattle so, but their heads break so easily against the concrete.

The Pretty Words of the Moralist/Sentimentalists — hear how they extol the virtues of Nature, and ‘Beauty’ — but listen to the slobberings of the predator over its prey, and you’ll understand the true ‘nature’ of Nature. Domination of All is the the Path to Enlightenment — all else is pretension and vanity. Here are a thousand volumes describing the logic — it is virtually a manual, a machine-language level document, if you will, describing in detail why one should either Kill and/or Fuck Everything, or, as I do, recline gently and watch the sway of the Shadeless Lamp, and drink.’"""""""

— Bubba Blubamy, Graduate of Smeagol University.

What a ridiculous little knave. Where is your methodist code located on the Periodic Table, anyways, great Nurse Bubba? Bubbium.

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Anonymous said...

You're spam partay about to come to an end, Bozonius the Theatre Grrl! You'd do well to flush your crack too.

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