Monday, February 04, 2008

Le Marquis de Kennedy

At the beginning of WWII, Joseph Kennedy (pere to JFK, RFK, and Teddy K) argued strongly against the USA giving aid to Britain:

"Democracy is finished in England. It may be here,” stated Ambassador Kennedy, Boston Sunday Globe of November 10, 1940. In a one simple statement, Joe Kennedy ruined any future chances of becoming US president, metaphorically committing political suicide. While Blitzkrieg bombs fell daily on England, Nazi troops occupied Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, Ambassador Kennedy unambiguously and repeatedly stated his belief that the war was not about saving democracy from National Socialism (Nazism) or Fascism."""

the Wiki-school and other sites for further proof that Vati Kennedy was, at least throughout the 30s, and even into WWII, about as close to the nazis as say Chas. Lindberg, and certainly as anti-semitic as Lindberg. Joe Sr. went too far, but be damn sure he's spinning in his grave since TeddyBear Kennedy (and other Kennedy scabs, like Schwarznegger's Schlampe, Maria) have given their blessing to Reverend Obama (who btw has implicitly affirmed creationism, and denied Darwinian evolution and questioned secularism in numerous appearances, hand-shaking with fundamentalist preachers. Got that yet McBozo? And don't spam in Mssr. Tristero's writing when you don't know Crying of Lot 49 from the 49er's [see note]*). It might also be recalled that Joe Sr. supported JoeMcCarthy, even after his censure, and that Bobby boy worked for McCarthy and the House Un-American activities for quite some time.

Maria, Die Ueber-Frau

The Kennedy spectacle, indeed, remains one of the mysteries of the American mind-phuck: a sort of clan of Irish monarchists with mob ties succeed in presenting themselves as "liberals" while living in a manner comparable to the Bourbons of pre-revolutionary France. J'accuse! Put 'em in the tumbrils (and Jefferson would've agreed, probably).


Here's a useful criteria for RealPolitik: who would George Orwell support for Prez? First, Orwell was NOT a pacifist (unlike say his glib acolyte Pynchon). Nor was Orwell a Xtian (or religious in any conventional sense). He valued secularism, rationality, and modern science. He was opposed to tyranny on right or left, and to sentimental liberalism (i.e. US democrats). Orwell would therefore, probably support McCain, albeit with a bit of trepidation (and opposition to some of McCain's votes, and to the GOP economics--tho' McCain did vote against Bushco's tax slashes), or perhaps Ron Paul. Ron Paul of course scares the F. out of yogurt-sucking DNCocrat swine "gauchistes," but Dr. Paul hasn't exactly waved a swastika around. He denounces zionism, and is not nice, and not an accommodator, but not exactly Goering. Ed Abbey probably woulda voted for Doc Paul.

(Re: Tristero/Trystero/COL49. Those who actually have made it through Pynchon's complex maze in COL49 (and it's a shawty maze, compared to V or Gravity's Rainbow) know that Tristero is no liberal (or group of liberals). Who (or what) exactly is Tristero? We suggest sort of Wobbly anarchist-couriers--a Wobbly Pony Express if you will (READ it and find out)---rather rustic. Cactus Ed Abbey might be part of the imaginary brigade. Mssr. Tristero of Digby's joint would not likely be par-tay material).

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