Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bill O'Reilly vs. DailyKOS

"There is no God and Mary is His mother." (Santayana)

Like most FOX-News pundits, O'Reilly often appears superficial and a bit too fond of flag-waving. He's not Noam f-n Chomsky (thankfully). O'Reilly, however, does speak fairly well, at least for an anchorman, and avoids the Olbermann-like teary-eyed pleas of the faux-liberal, or the bimbo-speak of KouricCo. O'Reilly seems a bit sentimental on occasion---that proverbial "Irishness", maybe---he seems more Yeats than Joyce, howevah (Joyce btw was no leftist, and a bit closer in thinking to his pal Ezra Pound than most Lit-bots realize). O'Reilly does raise a few interesting points now and then, however generalized. He may be a fool, at times, but does not seem nearly as nazi-like as many hysteria-crats take him to be (who knows what sorts of lives celebs really lead. Katie Kouric might have crack stuffed up her posterior every weekend by her gangsta du jour).

DailyKOS regulars consider O'reilly, like any FOX-news person, persona non grata, a few steps away from Goebbels; the Kossacks go ballistic when a poster (usually a troll who is immediately banned) even mentions FOXnews. The Kossack's vindictive hatred of O'reilly of course overdoes it: it may indicate a type of catholic-bashing that one notes in various media (most blogcrats would hang with baptist-clowns (or jews and muslims), before catholics, even dem. ones). O'reilly's mostly correct that DailyKOS does rely on a type of petty hatred for any who oppose the site-ideology: merely to object implies that one is part of Them.

KOS has, arguably, created a certain "herd-mind" like resentment and bitterness among a large section of the left: KOS-speak itself has developed into a sort of colloquial blog-dialect, something like an amalgamation of bad Hunter S. Thompson columns, marxist-feminist rhetoric-lite, and gangsta rap. Schmutzig! Many blogger-morons (like this ignis fatuus and Bukharin-wannabe, Hunter) specialize in KOS-Speak; it functions as a sort of street-jargon for stoner-liberals who never quite made it through a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay, much less the Constitution. Nietzsche would most likely bark CHANDALA at the Kossack-union were he around to point and click his way across the Information Superhighway.

Yes, all fairly obvious. The central point however is this: DailyKOS serves as a sort of Rush Limbaugh show for the hipster left. KOS depends on the ugly tactics of the right, as much as a rant from Limbaugh or Coulter does, and generally comes off even less witty or entertaining than say Coulter: the unrelenting character attacks, the guilt by association, the ad hominems and other fallacies, generalizations, denials of Due Process really. Kossacks present little or no evidence of the crimes of the right (we grant there may be crimes--like some misrepresentation on the part of BushCo leading to the War Effort--but the KOS-herd mind prevents any sort of rational examination of facts). Indeed, the Kossack herd assists the cause of the right precisely because they have rejected rationality, and any calm assessment of political or economic issues.


Perezoso said...

Ah BubbaRon getting his daily lie on. You’re a liar (a cardinal liar in fact), as well as a mocker of the Constitution: so, even according to your own little xtian code, you’re damned.

Now, theatre grrrl, you goin' to pay me for your lies, libel, and defamation (like, one, claiming I was a member of the republican party for STARTERS, dreck). Few grand, hopefully.

BaronVonRitterhoffen said...

Threat? You're the threat, theatre-grrl, but since you'e a congenital liar (probably part of being a drug addict, for what 15+ years?), you continually make shit up.

(in fact Ive ordered you now what, 8+ times not to send messages to this site, fraud, and you continue). No threat. I intend to collect, or at least have you on meds and put in a place where you can't do any damage.

And maybe get some evidence of your daily bunko-extortion going out on your ISP, too FingerhutRon! Heh heh.

What a pathetic sack of shit you really are.

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