Tuesday, September 09, 2003

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Thomas draws criticism

Congressman-for-life Bill Thomas (House of Representative's Ways and Means chairman) giving earnest advice on how to manage the nation's economy?

Let us consider his record. He has represented this district since 1979 and as our congressman, his influence is felt in virtually every major economic decision made here.

Despite this, we have an unemployment rate more than double the national average and an economy so wretched we are now referred to as "Appalachia West."

At one time, Kern County was known for the opportunity it offered hardworking people. Under the iron rule of Thomas, whose ruthless political machine picks almost every local officeholder, Kern has slipped to the bottom of the rankings as "the place prosperity forgot."

After failing here, he now urges hardworking people across the United States to embrace a $550 billion tax cut (if added up properly, including some interesting sunset clauses, more like a trillion dollars), which will give little help to working people, further enrich the rich, deepen the national deficit, inevitably hike interest rates and seriously undermine Social Security.

While other congressional representatives of depressed areas use their influence to land economic benefits for their district (yes, it's called pork, but it still helps the district and this nation is made up of districts), Thomas appears to be consumed by furthering the sphere of his own power and influence. Note his drive to become House of Representatives' Ways and Means chairman.

And we, the people, will rush to re-elect him.



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