Monday, July 19, 2004

RAISE Taxes on Wealthy
Too many democrats have fallen for the ridiculous GOP policy of cutting taxes and programs across the board (which King Ahh-nuld is doing each and every day) . We need to RAISE taxes, not on lower and middle classes; but on the wealthy, on those making more than say approx. $250,000 a year; not only income but wealth, assets, property, capital gains should be taxed at much higher rate....Kerry supporters should push Mr. Kerry to raise taxes across the board on the wealthy of USA....
Also...If Girlie Man had only taken an econ. class he might have realized some time ago that a simple raising of taxes--say by 5%-- on those in upper wealthy brackets could have saved many programs, school budgets and brought CA out of deficit...but his fellow millionaire Barons and Baronesses wouldn't care for it....

* * *

It's the good ol' summertime 'n Daisy Mae is man hung-ray!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. A luxury tax is a very reasonable idea. Those with enough disposable income to throw at yachts or 2nd or 3rd vacation homes should be made to sacrifice a bit financially for the good of the state.

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