Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Operation Mindf*ck: Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Uncle Al Crowley

This shit is just too weird to even believe. Cal Tech and JPL, founding member Aleister Crowley? And Tommy Cruise and Scientology, brought to you by black magician L Ron Hubbard.

L Ron the Magus


Anonymous said...

There's a further Kern connection you may not be aware of. L. Ron claimed to have stolen the design of the Sidewinder missile, tested at the Naval Ordnance Test Station China Lake, and sold it to the Russkies. Though there's not much evidence for his boast, he did apparently try some recruiting among the techies in the desert.

Crowley was said to be "fairly frantic" about L. Ron and Parsons, who seemed to be taking the joke way too seriously.

J said...

Wow. I never knew much about this whole Crowley-L. Ron-Parsons issue until reading a bit about it in Mike Davis's City of Quartz and now online at the "Clambake" site. Personally I think it's utterly nauseating, and I suspect ol L. Ron was a bit reluctant to discuss much of his connection to either Crowley or Parsons (official CoS doctrine is that Hubbard denounced the "satanists"--what a laugh. L. Ron was one of the Pasadena Crowleyan cadre).

Others have suggested L. Ron was implicated in Parson's death as well. Crowley was really quite a disgusting freak (I read his bio by Francis King years ago), if charming and intelligent to some extent, but I also think ol Uncle Al, Cambridge boy, was not so fond of his American devotees. But many associated with Uncle Al also turned up dead or missing; and if you believe in any of this occultish crap ( I don't really) some might say Crowley had something to do with Parson's death-explosion as well.

I think L. Ron was a bright if eccentric navy Lieutenant, sort of Heinlein with a few lower IQ points, who took his whole "let's invent a religion" thing way too far; yet I also think L Ron, who fancied himself as sort of a scientist or engineer type, would object to all the dimwitted hollywood types now in CoS.

(Rumors also circulate that the CoS murdered L. Ron himself, who was according to the autopsy filled with muscle relaxants at time of death. Tales of the Cali Weird)

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