Wednesday, February 22, 2006

O'Keefe Trial

The murder of Ms. O’Keefe (in Palmdale CA, a few years ago) was obviously a tragedy and a candlelight vigil is entirely proper, yet the guilt of Mr. Jennings has not been confirmed, and the sort of vigilante attitude shown towards Jennings here and in the AV Press and Daily News has hardly been equitable or indeed Constitutional. That Jennings made some inconsistent statements or even failed a polygraph is also not really proof of anything, except maybe to some greed-driven hypocrite such as Rex Pearass, and the stooges who work for him.

Jennings reported the crime for one. If he did do it (which is a possibility, however remote), then he is probably insane. And the weapon was never located. Those two facts should be grounds for at least some questioning of his guilt.

The genius reporters and crimefighters at the AV Press routinely overlook other important information: who dropped Ms O’Keefe off at the park-and-ride that evening? Were they questioned? Were any traces of gunpowder found on Mr. Jennings? Did he hide the gun, or did someone take it, and did the police thoroughly search the area? There is surely a possibility that an innocent person has been charged with a very serious crime.

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