Monday, October 15, 2007

Al ain’t exactly Einstein

Big Al, peacemaker, managed like a few D+s in “natural science” back when his rich redneck daddy paid for his beer-drinking at Haw-vawd:

“”"”"at Nonpartisan Half Sigma digs up an old story on Gore’s grades at Harvard and feels robbed: “Gore…had a D+ average in his two ‘Natural Sciences’ classes (which seem pretty bogus to me, kind of like ‘rocks for jocks’). Half Sigma has Bs or B+s in two semesters of Chemistry and two semesters of Physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (before he transferred to an Ivy League undergraduate school). What does this mean? It means Half Sigma is more qualified to talk about gases in the atmosphere than Al Gore. Someone should give me a Nobel Prize.”"”"”

Phuck, even we here at Contingencies, humble computer geeks and logico-ontologists, out-GPA and out-science Big Al the Green Dinosaur. Maybe Al should have to run through Avagadro's Number problems: then see how he does, and if can't pass it, return the Prize................


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J said...

Yr beyond stupid, McNW. Don't talk about peace, or politics, or what you take to be ethics. Talk about Gore's global warming claims. That's the entire issue that is being debated on blogs. WHo cares about his desire for peace? Millions have that. And millions have far more precise plans.

The science has not been established. Yet he presents it as a complete theory. Read some objective reports: I doubt you even made it through Cockburn's fairly easy criticism. CO2 levels have increased: but man-made (anthropic) is less than 1% of total CO2. Do you know what photosynthesis is? Produces CO2--tons of it, lots more than man-made. AS do volcanoes.

If you don't grasp the difference between man-made and natural CO2, you shouldn't even attempt the debate. There have been slight, even imperceptible increases in temperature, in SOME areas--but the data is disputed, as is what causes what. Correlation is NOT causation. Until you figure that out, you don't even understand that problem.

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