Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Politics of "compassion"

“The idea of equality, therefore, both in its bourgeois and proletarian form, is itself a historical product, the creation of which required definite historical conditions which in turn themselves presuppose a long previous historical development. It is therefore anything but an eternal truth.”(Karl Marx).

You were programmed to be compassionate. That doesn't make it right (or wrong). Even Marx, regardless of his monsters, understood the hypocrisy and BS of the liberal Ignis fatuus.


J said...

Wowee. Eleanor Rooseveltonius offers his plagiarism du jour from his fave KGB graphics site!

EleanorRon better hope the real CA-Dems and trade unions--- led by Commandantes Torres and Nunez--- don't come into power, cuz he'd be tossed into the fields along with most gueros...............

Anonymous said...

What's funny about Eleanor-on-Steroids is that it thinks it's always like "doing the right thing," fighting the powers of Darkness, taking on Eeevil, when it's really doing ju's the opposite.

Heinlein would reach for his Luger reading Eleanor-on-Steroids' liberal-moralistic idiocies, or noting his PC graphix spam. So would RA Wilson. (For that matter, so would most marxistas.)

Anonymous said...

EleanorRon? Nicht. More like BubbaRon: jus' another whiggah, like his McWigggah enabler.

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