Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bubbanius on Modern Pedagogy (how not to write, cont.)

Deep thoughts: "‘Don’t tase me, bro’ — a famous phrase, now." (funny, that happened at a Kerry rally. So Kerry must be counted as part of the Oppressor now too. Cops and campus police are mostly democrats, anyway, and generally members of those massive police unions. So the Taser-specialist, was, one could safely bet, a Dem.).

"Neocons pay good money to right-wing students for illegally taping their professors, to ‘catch’ them in liberal biases."" Evidence or citation for that claim? Not exactly "liberal" biases, Bubba, anyway: Jefferson was a liberal. And it's not a crime to tape any instructor's lectures, moron. The biases lean a bit more towards those of Karl Marx and/or one Jacques Derrida (ever make it through a bit of Sokal and Bricmont, Bubba?). Bubba has no problem, apparently with say radical muslim professors--or communists--- in the Ivy League, or UC edu-gulags, teaching the words of the Prophet--- or Mao-- alongside courses in haploids, Heisenberg or GWF Hegel. He and those of his ilk seemingly don't mind when the latest PoMo du Paris takes his place at the podium and asserts, categorically, that Logic, rationality and western science are all delusions and the product of Western imperialism.

At Bubba U., there would be no history of Maoism or Stalinism, or Islam for that matter. Just some pics of Evil Incarnate: the Neo-Cons, alongside Hitler and the Waffen SS. (any rational dissent opposed to the NW paranoia festival has already been blocked and moderated).

"Homeland Security’ in and of itself was a ridiculous idea, a trillion-dollar boondoggle used primarily to harass Code Pink and Texas Democratic lawmakers, and to install the illegal domestic spying system so sought after by the criminal class, i.e., Neocons."

Ah Bubba might be referring to Diane Feinstein or Jane Harman, who in fact argued for a harsher, more Orwellian version of the Homeland Security act. A few weeks apres-911, DiFi in fact suggested that a nationwide cyber-ID system be implemented. Then the dreaded Neo-cons. Wow. Bubba can barely control his latent anti-semitism and general muddle-headed idiocy when he begins to intone his favorite epithets. You mean like Wolfowitz, Podhoretz, Abrams, or Lieberman, Bubba? Those are the neo-cons. Yes, Abrams sucks. The good ol' boys, even the sinister Rove, mostly work for 'em. And uh so does the Clinton gang. After chuckling at Bubba's hick belch here ("Rusticus," as EP would aver), insert it in the SPAM Spam BACON & Spam file, and flush.

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