Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Dreyfus affair ranks as one of the most significant historical events of Europe prior to WWI and WWII; some historians have gone so far as to claim the Dreyfus affair resulted in the rise of fascism itself and to the Vichy. The facts, as far as they can be ascertained, concern a jewish artillery officer, Dreyfus, accused of spying for "le boche"---the Germans, France's mortal enemies---and passing on info regarding a cannon, I believe. Dreyfus was found guilty and sent to Devil's Island off of French Guinea for a few years, and it's quite probable that he was framed, and the evidence manipulated (though it's not entirely clear). The Dreyfusards were the supporters of Dreyfus, and included many leftists and intellectuals, and most famously the novelist Zola, a writer "who delights in stinking" said Nietzsche, (a few years prior to Dreyfus, and a few years before FN succumbed to madness, whether natural or syphillitic). Those who held him to be guilty, were the anti-Dreyfusards.

Current opinion (including that of Wiki, as well as Jeff Jacoby, who has recently penned an op-ed ode to Dreyfus and Zola's pro-Dreyfus broadside, "J'accuse!" demanding justice, etc.) holds that the anti-Dreyfusards were made up of the usual french-right suspects: catholics, royalists, militarists, bourgeois, proto-Vichy, cheese-eating surrender monkeys fond of infant-cannibalism, who knows what. That is not entirely correct. The anti-Dreyfusards had every reason to believe that Dreyfus was guilty. Moreover, sentimental zionist liberals hacks like Jacoby mistakenly assert that the anti-Dreyfusards were all anti-semitic rightists, if not sort of Goebbels-in-potentia. Not correct either. There were anti-semitic anti-Dreyfusards, and non-anti-semitic anti-Dreyfusards (Verstehen Sie das? gut). Even some jewish people (hardly rare in the French military, or french bourgeois for that matter) believed, rightly or wrongly, that Dreyfus had indeed spied for "le boche": he had family ties to Germany, for one.

We here at Contingencies are not exactly defending the French right (though they, even a La Pen, are hardly scarier than the French "la gauche"). Some of the extreme anti-Dreyfusards did later join the Vichy parties, and were rabidly anti-semitic (though even that does not imply they would have approved of Auschwitz---). Others rightly noted that the Dreyfus affair was not sufficient cause for the outrage of Zola and his leftist pals (in typical french marxist fashion, Zola and Co. had no problem defending a wealthy jewish officer when it advanced their cause). Jacoby, in the usual corporate Lib-Speak, terms Zola's rant "part investigative reportage, part impassioned advocacy." Really it was mostly impassioned nonsense with some impassioned rage at all things French, "ressentiment" as Nietzsche might term it.

The Dreyfus affair indeed bears some resemblance to many modern media scandals (say something like Scooter Libby): a slight injustice becomes a rallying cry for a few journalists (and journalism and zionism have, for years, been quite comfy), and creates a near-panic situation. Facts are ignored by all sides (including by the right), and the herd mind takes over. Eventually it's settled by tank divisions, like those of Jodl and Zhukov (...........to be continued).


Anonymous said...

"""Like between Excel work and finishing up some t-shirts, and plagiarizing my favorite space operas, I wrote a screenplay based loosely on my favorite Jetson's episodes, "George in Orbit", and sent it to the 2008 Hanna-Barbera cartoon script contest. And I included a check for a few thousand. Next up: Jellystone: a re-telling of the Yogi-Boo-boo saga. """"

Years of Rice and Salt? Year of Stone? Hmmmmmmmmm. Must be coincidence

Anonymous said...

another thing, xtian theatre grrl: I find out you referred to me as a republican or conservative youll be paying me, lots

Anonymous said...

Hey hick: another fun thing for ya. I know some script readers and some peeps in publishing houses. Not only will your verbal excrement be like flushed immediately with a few laughs, the readers will be putting calls into the right mental health authorities, Reagan supporter, and Excelmeister.

You're untalented human shit, tuscon boy, as well as a lying loudmouthed fraud. Your Scooby doo scripts are even worse than yr insane little ditties and rants, if that can be imagined. Bogus with capital B. Verstehen zee das? Gut.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because I've had my troubles too, I empathize with those who seem to be suffering emotionally. I just linked to my old post on "JG" along with a few, hopefully kind words. You're damn angry I can see, but I don't desire any involvement in your spat with Byronius. Peace.

J said...

Yeah, but that's not it completely. You overlooked my point on plagiarism---not to say his BS about young republicans. He was the little GOPer and Reaganite, as well as steroid zombie. Vee vant to pump you upp, girly mann.

His little colloquial comic strip-scripts reveal what sort of tasteless, unbalanced hick he is. So, I wrote a parody of it. He responds with his usual hysteria. He fancies himself a George Lucas when he's not quite George Kennedy. No one else calls him on it.

He's not only insulting/childish/irrational etc. he's rude and inconsiderate to other NW people (I feel sorry for the other people--"Emily"-- who he included in that quote from his silly, colloquial, bubblegum melodrama he posted on your site).


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm trying. I'm digging into Gaelic football...

J said...

Wow one got through. I was surprised.

Not futbol---The point concerned William of Orange, and the modern orangemen. Will O' Orange, Scottish protestant, served the fundies circa English civil war, murdered 1000s of Irishmen (and their french allies).

Now orangemen are the loyalists in N.I., mostly still scots, though also brits, opposed to Irish republic/nationalism. No that doesn't mean that the papists (or osiris forbid IRA) are that superior in principle to the scots prots or baptick idjits: they tend to have more class, prefer cutlasses or maybe duels to broadswords and baseball bats however. The orangemen are sort of the baptist hicks of UK.

bunnyhop said...

I think being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime you did not commit, especially when your identity is one of the reasons you were wrongfully accused, is "an outrage." And if you are going to call someone a "sentimental Zionist" but then oopsy! cross it out, have some balls and just leave it in the text. And the word "Jewish" is capitalized.

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