Friday, June 06, 2008

Barack Obama: I've chosen La Gran Puta de Babilon to help find a VEEP

The Kantian gambit: "Skepticism, in a word, is not a resting place; it is a propaedeutic. It has a cathartic function: It purges the mind of delusions of grandeur; it brings men down from the clouds and sets them firmly on their feet ... Far from inhibiting action, it frees men from the metaphysical mazes in which they have been wandering and enables them to contemplate w/out distress 'the whimsical condition of mankind, who must act and reason and believe; though they are not able, by their most diligent enquiry, to satisfy themselves concerning the foundation of these operations, or to remove the objections, which may be raised against them..."


J said...

Hey BubbaRon: yr RFK of the Trailer Park act's about to end, cripgrrl.

Yr no RFK, anyhoo, BUbba. Yr a stuckeys manager on crack.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Is this a quote from Kant? If so, it's definitely one of the more lucid ones I've seen.

J said...

Yes. First critique I believe.

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