Friday, August 01, 2008


Bob Cesca of TheAriannaDaily the HuffingtonPost on Corporate Media:

""""I'm not sure how he continues to be regarded as a very serious
Washington pundit given his obvious history of race-baiting, but somehow he
skulks his way onto MSNBC almost every day. Pat Buchanan on Hardball Monday
night wondered out loud about Senator Obama: "Is he one of us?"

If by "one of us" he means a cranky, elitist, white, corporate media, man-shaped
bunion who fashioned his career by demonizing brown people, the answer is a
certain 'no'. But we know what Buchanan meant by this. Is Senator Obama with
"us" or is he with the uppity blacks? Is he a real American like Senator McCain
or is he a Muslim terrorist like those e-mails suggest? Is he too European
(GAY!)? Is he like us: white, wealthy, conservative, elite?""""

Granted Pat Buchanan tends to be a buffoon; at the same time, he has for years argued for an isolationist perspective which does not represent the views of the mainstream GOP (he's also a catholic, unlike most of the WASPS of the GOP). He disses the neo-cons, and Bush's war policies. Buchanan's not overly telegenic of course: he resembles the stuffy, white conservative many leftists instinctively detest, and he does have some baggage from the Reagan years.

Cesca picks an obvious target for his invective-lite, in the usual HuffPo manner. In effect, Cesca offers the suburban progressive-lite crowd a mad magazine caricature of old honky Buchanan as representative of corporate media. That's stretching it. Buchanan may be a honky for Cesca and his cronies, but he hardly has the juice of a Limbaugh or a shrieking harpie such as Coulter; he now plays the moderate (though, yes, he's probably got some Wehrmacht in his marrow) . His "one of us" comment does not seem that out of context: many voters contemplating whether to vote for BO over The Commander McCain want reassurances (given these two hustlers, and the media's humiliation of HRC-- assisted by many Obamaites--Contingencies recommends the DFV criteria : Don't F-n Vote)

Apart from the racial issue (now being manipulated by both sides) Obama is wealthy, fairly conservative, elitist. B.O. quotes Reagan favorably, and has pleasant chitchats with David Brooks. Oprah pitched his candidacy from the start (that's the corporate media). Obama's writing appeared on HuffPo, and HuffPo does not exactly cater to traditional leftists, whether unionists, public-sector employees, the aged, or impoverished. Southsiders are not clicking on to homegrrl Adrianna's ad-glutted blog-paper either (more moderated than DailyKos if that can be believed); they're following the Lakers schedule....

Another blog-journalist following the gonzo-path of Hunter S Thompson, Cesca scribbles a sort of sportswriter-on-meth prose as HS Thompson did, though tamer, bourgeois, and featuring obvious targets such as Buchanan: pop-gonzo! It's not so much about reasoned dissent (ala Chomsky or a Hitchens), but about attitude, the pose, the vibe: Cesca, the bad-boy blog-journalist arrived to do some representin' about The Man for the homies. Hah. The Truth is that Cesca works for Adrianna nee Xenaxiupulos, a very wealthy westside conservative turned slightly liberal, and Adrianna's HuffPo defines the corporate media, and the Vichycrats for that matter.

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