Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine-flu Hysteria 101

"""Clearly the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic is nothing to sneeze at but I think it’s also clear that the 24 hour news and even the CDC - perhaps practicing for a real threat -have hyped this event out of proportion to the real threat. If that’s because the threat really, really cannot be known I supposed it’s fine, but if it’s because this type of thing keeps people focused in ways that are profitable to TV News or grant and funding producing for CDC I hope we take a close look at all this when it’s over. Although epidemiologists are probably going to say “better safe than sorry” with Pandemic alerts it’s also true that overhyped events can lead to a lax future response from a public that becomes too used to “crying wolf” when the threat is actually quite low."""

Well-stated. Also note comment by one "horatiox" regarding vichy-liberal hispanic-bashing, a typical trait of the KOS/DU/Salon crowd generally, now brought out in living color by the flu alarmism. The Demo McMinutemen appear to be as excited as MittRomneyoids are at the prospect of shutting down the border and invading mexico, and/or banning pork products across the US.

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