Friday, July 10, 2009


Bill has some spine at least, unlike most WASP pieces of mierda.

O'Reilly criticized Jackson for "incredible selfishness -- spending hundreds of million dollars on himself while singing 'We Are the World,'" and said that it "should make any clear-thinking American nauseous."

Speaking to guest analyst Marc Lamont Hill, a black FOX commentator, O'Reilly also addressed race as an issue at the memorial service: "Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making this a racial deal? Jackson bleached his own skin. And then chose white men to provide existence for his in vitro children. Give me a break with all this.

The two debated for quite some time on whether Jackson had helped in uniting black and White Americans. The debate, however, turned into a shouting match with O'Reilly proclaiming: "If he's such a black American icon, why did he have his kids with white men!?"

Word. Rational humans realize that Jackson's pop-hype's not worth discussing; he's about as much as a hero as say the Bee-gees were. Did you like lose sleep when Elvis or Sinatra died? (a bit before my time, but, like, connect the dots). At least Sinatra and his cronies produced some interesting and complex muzak on occasion. Would say Ralph Ellison have given his blessings to MJ, or joined in the insta-elegy? I rather doubt it (not that it matters overly much). Bienvenidos a Perdido, puto.


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