Saturday, April 03, 2010

Education, Lone-Star-style

"""The Texas School Board is changing history one subject at a time, and they are changing which events to highlight and people to feature based on ultra conservative ideals. The school board chose people in history that reflect right-wing philosophy and Christian ideology over established facts and empirical data.

Texas is always out there in the nether-world where guns reign supreme, and God’s literal words in the Bible are the only rules they need, and is where Governor Perry speaks openly about secession while his supporters cheer the idea of breaking away from the United States. The governor’s actions border on sedition, and he is lucky he’s not in prison where traitors belong.

This new round of insanity, though, encourages intelligent people to reconsider whether it is a bad idea for Texas to secede from the Union, and, after further review, maybe it is time to help the Lone Star state out the door; and they can take their revisionist history with them.

For starters, the Texas board of education will replace founding father Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Constitution, with John Calvin, who lived 200 years before Jefferson, and whose life’s work was Christianity and Capitalism. Calvin’s Christian Reformation credit is in stark contrast to Jefferson’s deist beliefs, and the Texans’ goal is to diminish the separation of church and state that is in the Constitution, and erase the Enlightenment’s influence on America.

Texas believes it is better to align American history with a Christian bigot from 16th century Europe, than a Founding Father who shaped this country. The Texas school board also refuses to teach students that the Constitution prevents the government from promoting one religion over another.

The school board wants students to study former Israeli leader, Golda Meir, and the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s impact on global politics. Calvin was anti-Semitic and said; “I have had much conversation with many Jews: I have never seen either a drop of piety or a grain of truth or ingenuousness—nay, I have never found common sense in any Jew.” It will prove interesting how Texans reconcile Calvin with Meir, but since it is Texas, they will just rewrite more history."""""

The texan edu-crats can't quite teach Mein Kampf (at least yet), but they can make use of Calvinism for the same ends. BILLY BOB! You get up thar and finish yr Hitler homework, AND yr readin's of the Good Book!!!


CharleyCarp said...

Don't get me wrong, it's a terrible idea. But I wonder about the implications of the sure result that most any Texan with two brain cells to rub together is going to realize, by age 25 at the latest, that they've been totally misled. A great many will figure it out when they're 14. Respect for authority, and especially for the kind of authority the morons pushing this agenda particularly want, will be devastated.

J said...

Perhaps, Sir Carp. Yet I meet many adult sunday schoolers indoctrinated with the Calvinist-evangelical mindstate. Some of them control California educational bureaucracies.

That said, Calvinism is not the only flavor of religious hysteria, or pathology, but it's the most prevalent, at least away from the urban areas (though I guess some bapticks claim not to be calvinists--but...cow-vinists).

Catholics, Inc. are nearly as powerful as evangelicals, certainly in Cali. But catholicism presents an entirely different..schema. Not saying "true" but ...spookier. Whereas WASPs may be zombies and thugs, papists tend to be...vampires.

Nearly all monotheists --xtian, jew, or muslim--tend toward a type of pathology, however, I believe. Herd mind, as Nietzsche said--yet even Nietzsche at times agreed distinctions could be drawn; ie catholics at times show a few glimmers of Aristotelian rationality....

CharleyCarp said...

We're a herd animal. Maybe more of a pack animal, with alphas and betas and all the rest.

J said...

Yes. In other words, since approx. 70% of Golgothaville's comprised of Evangelical-masons, it would behoove most citizens to be evangelical-masons, at least in a pragmatic sense. Wonder, work n power, brutthrrr. Sort of like head on down to the baptick OR calvinist warehouse, or else.

What happened to the Unfogged boutique, Sir? Those po' unf'ed sorority gals, their fave cyber-gratification site crashed...

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