Sunday, August 15, 2010

say No to Megzilla

The politics of Whitmanopoly: e-Meg starts her gubernational campaign with $100 million+ (from e-bayCo, and G-sachs insider deals). Jerry Brown starts with under 1 million and some contributions from CA demos and unions. Life in the Mormonacracy.

No Meg2010
Hail to the Thief


Curtis Faville said...

I don't know a whit about Whitman's psychology, but her "qualifications" don't move me.

Huffy executives of computer and internet start-ups are riding a wave of technological change. That they should find themselves accidentally at the helm of a firm which by chance or feral predation is leading a pack, or exploiting a fresh opportunity (as e.Bay did) should be no cause for egotistical primping. Whitman did nothing original or innovative--she simply whipped her software and marketing people with a stout rope. That's not leadership, but opportunism and luck.

Her campaign rhetoric is more reactionary than Schwarzenegger's was when he stepped into the ring--she'll set California back another 20 years with her 1950's style brand of Reaganomics.

J said...

grazi for comment, CF.

I agree. The recent CEO-as politician craze seems about like saying whoever wins big gambling in Vegas or hits the Lotto deserves to be Governor (senator, congressperpon,etc). Rather pathetic (oligarchy really). E-Meg's G-sachs deals are fairly sleazy as well.

The site I linked to actually does not have the correct information re campaign cash of Whitman vs Jerry Brown. I don't love Brown, but he's spent under a million on his campaign. according to official reports, with a few million from unions and other groups--total under 7 mil . E-Meg's spent like about 120 mil--her own shekels. She may win--and yes it could be worse than Ahhnuld, especially for the middle class and poor.

Perezoso said...

Political terms don't really describe someone like Megzilla.

You need like a spiritual dimension, ese.

Whitman--una de las hijas de la Gran Puta.

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