Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Fed Judge Thomas Porteous's impeachment trial:

""""Public allegations of kickbacks involving Judge Porteous first surfaced 7 1/2 years ago, as part of the Wrinkled Robe probe of corruption at the Jefferson Parish state courthouse. Jeff Duhon, former employee of then-bail bondsman Louis Marcotte III, detailed how he routinely took Judge Porteous' vehicles to be repaired on Mr. Marcotte's tab when the judge served in state court prior to his 1994 federal appointment. Mr. Duhon said he also personally installed a fence in Judge Porteous' home.

A mountain of evidence, and guilty pleas from several people involved, have since shown how Judge Porteous further prostituted his office.

For years, he took kickbacks from Mr. Marcotte while setting favorable bonds for his company. The judge also created a scheme -- there's no better word for it -- to provide two lawyer friends with court appointments worth thousands of dollars. In turn, those lawyers funneled some of that cash back to Judge Porteous.

And while on the federal bench, Judge Porteous lied repeatedly under oath, including during his 2001 personal bankruptcy filing. """""

The black robe boys--that's one mean mutha-f-ing gang



Barbara Ann Jackson said...

"Judge Thomas Porteous and the ‘Devil’s Den’ from Whence He Came"
". . .even after exposure of irrefutable facts and truths at Porteous' impeachment trial, scandalous behavior will continue because Porteous is not the only problem --just the most conspicuous culprit. . ." read article @

J said...

Thanks for comment. I don't really know much about the Porteous trial --excepting the material in the linked article---but corruption in the Black Robe posse (aka Judiciary) probably is the rule rather than the exception--the media tends to ignore it, however (there have been a few interesting judicial wrongdoing incidents in SoCal but many go unreported).

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