Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mr Bakunin's class

On Education:

"""""Now we see why the bourgeois socialists demand only a little education for the people, a soupcon more than they currently receive; whereas we socialist democrats demand, on the people's behalf, complete and integral education, an education as full as the power of intellect today permits, So that, henceforth, there may not be any class over the workers by virtue of superior education and therefore able to dominate and exploit them. The bourgeois socialists want to see the retention of the class system each class, they contend, fulfilling a specific social function; one specialising, say, in learning, and the other in manual labour. We, on the other hand, seek the final and the utter abolition of classes; we seek a unification of society and equality of social and economic provision for every individual on this earth. The bourgeois socialists, whilst retaining the historic bases of the society of today, would like to see them become less stark, less harsh and more prettified. Whereas we should like to see their destruction. From which it follows that there can be no truce or compromise, let alone any coalition between the bourgeois socialists and us socialist democrats."""""

Wisconsin protesters---bourgeois socialists, or socialist democrats? The former, mostly.  Russian anarchists aside, schoolmarmies--not to say..cops, lawyers, and bureaucrats-- were not considered par-tay material by the "old-school" labor-left (ie, skilled and unskilled labor). FDR himself had words for the moderate Democrats who pushed for public employee unions and opposed awarding them collective bargaining rights See here for dissenting view from bourgeois socialists d-Kos(i.e., the Kossack forgot to highlight one sentence: "All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service"). Eventually the public employee unions were voted in (via Taft-Hartley IIRC, or attached to it--which many New Deal demos opposed).

Teachers and nurse unions may be superior to teabaggers, mormon-royalists, and Foxnews-quoting yokels--ie, striking teachers seem somewhat noble compared to the managerial skank and human trash who typically sit on school boards, not to say a perp such as Walker. But as with most large US unions, teachers unions are not especially labor-oriented, but corporate entities, aimed at preserving the middle class--hardly the "stalinists" that the Breitfart Beck-tard gang portray them as.

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