Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Road with..... Banksy

Jack was here

"""""If he were around today, it's pretty certain that Neal Cassady, immortalized as Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac's On the Road, would appreciate what the street artist Theo has been up to lately. Cassady was a born rabble-rouser, after all, and in more ways than one Theo and a small crew of fellow miscreants have been shaking it up: Dismayed by Francis Ford Coppola's decision to film the Denver parts of On the Road in Canada for his upcoming film adaptation of the novel, the artist took to the streets late this winter with a few cans of paint, a copy of the book and a stencil of Kerouac's likeness and started tagging it on Kerouac either mentioned in On the Road or was known to frequent. "It's just a simple reminder that Kerouac was here in Denver," he told us earlier this week."""""
Destruction may be a creative  process. 


Sixty Bricks said...

Thanks for the post - I didn't know Coppola's movie was ever going to get made.

J said...

de nada.

I'm not a huge Kerouac fan (or of any of the ahhtistes mentioned, including FFC), but one can understand some bitterness that the Director would shoot the flick in Canada rather than Denver. Hopefully FFC can capture the beat spirit--anything that jacks the WASP-zionist Herd can't be all bad .

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