Wednesday, June 20, 2007

from Ditzby, another Konfused Kossack

"""""Al Gore – a man who knows something about the Internet – wrote in his book, The Assault on Reason, “The Internet is perhaps the greatest source of hope for reestablishing an open communications environment in which the conversation of democracy can flourish. It is the most interactive medium in history, with the greatest potential for connecting individuals to one another and to the universe of knowledge.” So while we may not be Stalinists, the Netroots is a revolution – a revolutionary, participatory democracy.""""

Yes, the Great Stoner Liberals, being guided to by Chairman Al, who have no problem censoring, editing, deleting, moderating each and every post which deviates from the par-tay line: that is the DailyKos KGB-lite, perhaps one of the most controlled sites in the Blogosphere. Ditzby is a typical Kos rhetoric spouter who fancies herself as some reincarnation of JK Galbraith. She offers great generalizations, predictable sentiments, ID politics, various fallacies–the usual progressive-blogger hype–no real data or specific points or fact-based journalism. It’s like a leftist pep rally speech, or lyrics to bad 60s folk muzak.

However much Christopher Hitchens may irritate some “leftists” (though in ways his writing is more authentically progressive than the usual Kossack grunts), he perceives the reality of Islamic terrorism and the jihadists (recall the Danish cartoon fiasco), and he understands that a bit of conservative pragmatism in the Middle East serves our purposes better than the moral absolutism and pacifism of naive leftists does (and that pragmatism doesn’t necessarily mean approving of GOP economic or social policies or theocracy–). And of course, most of the leading Dems–Pelosi, Hillary, DiFI, Kerry, et al. signed off on the War Effort as well: a point forgotten every day in

What's really amazing is that these cheap sentimental hacks and irrationalists actually think they are secular liberals in the model of Jefferson and Madison. Hah: they don't know John Locke from Tone-Loc, Hobbes from Sy the Liar Hersh, Rousseau from Ramakrishna; for that matter, they never bothered with even the cliffsnotes to Plato's Republic (which TJ and most of the Founders knew up and down, and could point out its flaws as well). Moreover, Jefferson had no problem taking on the Barbary pirates--the muslim terrorists of his day.


Anonymous said...

Digby isn't a Kossack. She has her own blog. Oops! And she writes much better than you. She gets her point across without any references to a learned knowledge of great philosphers' works (or at least names). She doesn't need to creatively misspell or come up with silly alternative names for those she disagrees with. She just writes, and does so very well. Just a little envious?

J said...

I read her "speech," Tipster, and again, it was full of all the usual emotional manipulations and generalizations of the typical Kos hypocrite. These people will go on and on about "participatory democracy" and so forth, while participating in one of the most controlled and moderated sites online. And as your silly little "envious" point indicates, you are also fond of that sort of emotional manipulation characteristic of liberal blogdom.

And as far as "great philosophers" go: you are right. The Kossacks are, excepting a few watered-down Darwinists, generally as anti-intellectual as dixie baptists. (and those few Darwinian types mistake Darwinism as a type of liberal code, which it ain't. Darwinism really means NO moral codes, right or left). Had some of these freaks ever bothered with say a few pages of Hobbes' Leviathan they might have realized how pathetic their endless Norma Rae like rants are--

Anonymous said...


An appropriate name for a Kos-Snitch, iddn't it, J.: or better, Snitch-ster. Kossacks will rant and rave every day about Due Process, while denying Due Process to any and all who dare to question the assumptions of the Kos ideology.

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