Wednesday, September 01, 2010

America's favorite idiot

How many people do you think were at Glenn Beck's rally for G*d, America, the GOP, and the teachings of Moroni?

A. Under 10,000

B. 10,000 to 100,000

C. 100,000 to 250,000

D. 250,000 to 750,000

E. 1,000,000 +
Ballpark it!

* * *

"""[Beck's] assertion that the Founding Fathers were essentially evangelical Christians in the modern sense, and that they intended the founding documents to define a theocracy, is more complex. Here what is needed, and what Beck lacks, is a sense of historical context, as well as a sense of what constitutes evidence. For instance, the fact that Washington (or any other FF) may have referred to God in one or two letters out of thousands of documents, is not enough to establish that his views were the same as those of a 20th Century Rev. Hagee. In order to interpret the phrase, “they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” it is important to know the history on English law in which rights were not considered inalienable, but rather granted by the state and the crown. One need not invoke a Creator to maintain that rights are inalienable, but in the mindset of the 18th century, this was a pragmatic way of saying that the state was not empowered to displace these rights.""""("Auriandra")


Perezoso said...

The estimated number of the crowd at Beckstock depends on who's making the estimation, ese. The lefties who hate Beck say no more than 50,000 or so were there. On the other hand, politicians and teabaggers who support Beck, Foxnews, GOP, or the LDS say a million or so patriots attended the rally.

There were probably less than 100,000 people in attendance. I don't care for democrats, but teabaggers,mormons, Michelle Bachman , Palin---nada mas que ...blanca basura

J said...

Bachman's guestimate of approx. one million or whatever she belched was a bit weird. She seems sort of like Beck's Eva Braun--or maybe that's Miss Palin's job (some of the evangelicals are mighty cozy with the LDS, Pz). Or...rather the gals may be like sacred handmaidens to Father Beck--the Brigham Young-to-be!--that is, once the Lamanites have been taken care of, and the Holy Nephites establish the Kingdom of Deseret (the LDS rapture-visions not so dissimilar from the nazis' dreams of Lebensraum...and the final solution).

fock those people.

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