Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fiorina goes Rogue

Carly Fiorina recently told Republican students at the University of San Diego that out-of-control government spending continues to "suck out your future from your pockets and into a vast and unaccountable demonic bureaucracy in Washington D.C."

Fiorina continued--"I think that if we do not start taking apart the massive liberal belt-way bureaucracy TODAY then you will be completely and truly fucked, my friends. We either get government spending under control or we'll be saddled with humongous mountains of debt that we'll never repay in our lifetime. The liberal shits might as well put us in debtor's prisons."


"To that end, I propose eliminating taxes--all of them, income, capital gains, property--for those of us making serious bank--say, at least 10 million a year or so. Who cares about losers? We don't. Furthermore, we'll eliminate any and all social programs, eco-crat slushbuckets and porkbarrels, and ...mark my words---end welfare. The darkies, the wetbacks, the fat mamas on dope and their disgusting gangster offspring, yea, all the shiftless little cretins who have sucked up OUR money for decades: fuck them."

"The only government function remaining will be the US Military, God bless 'em. And I propose transferring funds--millions in fact--from the useless, bleeding heart social programs--the byatch programs-- into the US Military for research and development. As HP CEO I supervised the propeller-heads of the R & D department, my friends, and I paid them well. We need new weapons. New gear. New supercarriers, and new stealths, drones, and supersonic jets. The enemy never rests."

"In addition, I am going to reduce the federal work force to like 1900 levels. We'll freeze the pay of federal civilian employees--that is, the few remaining-- and hire one civilian employee for every ten who leave government service--which is to say, those bureaucrats we pink-slip ASAP. The only exception will be for those patriotic American men and women working in areas of national security--which I intend to upgrade, in honor of J-Edgar Hoover, a great American patriot."

"Any questions, pussies? Fine. Let's set to work. By any means necessary, my friends--and that means you, Diebold boys."


Perezoso said...

Wow, harsh, J.

At first I thought you were being serious. Then realized it was meant to be humorous but sorta rude, chistoso.

Miss Fiorina's no nazi, though--she's a hard-worker with business experience. California can't afford more of Boxer and her liberal ways.

(yo did you see this thread from Davis?. EL SAPO's representin on byronius and the New Worlds phonies--The Toad in the house. heh heh).

J said...

Yes, it's satire, though with a slight gonzo twist. Perhaps I should have included a warning for the not-so-proficient-at reading.

Fiorina may not be a complete nazi, but only a few baby steps away, pz. Believe it. Read through her speeches, her campaign platforms, her insults. I don't love Boxer but she's superior to Fiorina's Evita Peron (or is it..... Eva Braun). Boxer's record on the environment is worthy of some respect.

Viva EL SAPO! Heh. B-ron as Ponzi--yeah that's him. And EL SAPO correctly IDs their shadowy creationist pal Barnes ("Senrab")--old John Birchers turned mormonic.

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