Friday, April 29, 2011


England/Ezra-Pound (NSFW. We don't condone EP's message--rather  obnoxious at times--but it does show a certain historical perspective on the UK, that "outpost of Yankee-Judaea").



Moriarty said...

Interesting, however unsavory or un-PC--though some might call it madness. By "Rosenfeld" Pound apparently means FDR. Pound thus suggests that many WASP politicians worked for international jewry--the Roosevelts were originally Dutch calvinists I believe.

There were other Americans who produced propaganda for the enemy. "Axis Sally", an American lady married to a german, broadcast pro-nazi speeches from Berlin in flawless English. The Germans had placed massive loudspeakers near the front lines in Europe and blasted her speeches where the GIs could hear and chuckle along, as Axis Sally told them their wives, mothers and daughters were being pimped by the jews back in America. She made use of the same ugly epithets, calling the British "kikes", appealing to the American soldiers to rebel against their zionist masters, so forth.

Axis Sally was imprisoned after the war, as was Pound of course. Freed, after 12 years in a sanitorium, Pound gave the old blackshirt salute to the reporters as he left. A fine line separates genius and madness.

J said...

I posted something on "Axis Sally" aka Mildred Gillars some time ago.

One question re the propagandists: what was the extent of any pro-Axis Americans' knowledge about nazi atrocities? In Pound's case, one's tempted to forgive him slightly, since he was promoting the cause of Mussolini and blackshirts--sinister perhaps, but not quite Hitler. (Gillars on the other hand worked for the germans as an employee).

Pound also detested Winston Churchill, but fatboy Winnie had once praised Il Duce and had favored the germans as well, until probably '37 or so. The nightmare of the camps may not have been fully known until after the war.

Reading the fine print of the events leading up to WWII (including the ugly details of the Treaty of Versailles), one senses Winston Churchill--not to say Chamberlain, and most of the Family Windsor-- should probably have been sitting next to Vati Goering and the rest of the nazi defendants at Nuremberg.

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