Thursday, April 07, 2011

buh bye Glenn Beck

El Lay Times

Completing a swift rise and fall from TV stardom, the controversial mormon buffoon  Glenn Beck will lose his once-popular Fox News "show" later this year, the network announced Wednesday.

"Thank your lucky stars for that," said Daisy Mae Pudanellia, an office worker at Fox News's downtown LA location. "That confused fat bitch should have been given the axe a year ago", Pudanellia continued.

Beck's 5 p.m. program, which earned scorn from intelligent humans everywhere for its attacks on reason, science and human values as well as its devotion to a variety of  criminal psychotics, was a top cable draw in 2009 and a signpost for the misguided, dimwitted "tea party" movement in last year's midterm elections.

But ratings plummeted and advertisers bailed as Beck — a cherubic, salt-and-pepper-haired semi-dyslexic blowhard who has compared himself to a rodeo clown — increasingly pursued a hard-to-follow agenda that many found too pathetically simple-minded to believe. He also chafed the money men at Fox News, who faulted him for spending too much time on his far-flung bunko operations and not enough on honing his communication 101 skills.

Both sides cobbled together a diplomatically worded statement Wednesday that noted Beck would be "kicked the fuck off, ASAP" his daily program but stressed that the host and Fox News had reached a new deal for future, as-yet-unspecified projects.
Fox News and Beck both declined to comment beyond the statement.

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