Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the key.........

what's that patch on GlennBeck's sweater??

Mo' masonic phunn


Moriarty said...

The influence of Freemasonry in protestant Europe and early America can hardly be denied, but I don't believe the tradition of freemasonry has been as sinister as you suggest--at any rate, you haven't established that. Some of the Founders belonged to masonic lodges--Washington and Ben Franklin, two prominent examples. Franklin was quite charitable, and an abolitionist, and anti-royalist, along with his other accomplishments --inventor, scientist, etc. Therefore, at least one Freemason was not the diabolical sort--a Pike-- as you assume

J said...

They are all Pikes insofar that freemasons swear --on pain of death, reportedly--to uphold their secret oaths.

AS you may have noted, my ideas on this topic are influenced by JQ Adams--his essay On the Masonic Institution in particular. JQA was adamantly anti-masonic--and masonry was a rather controversial subject in early America.

Many in Consumerland might think freemasonry's a quaint, mostly forgotten practice--that is, until some celebrity pundit shows up on Prime Time wearing the masonic compass, or discovering that Steve Wozniak belongs to a lodge, etc. Mormonism itself has many connections to freemasonry (Mitt Romneyoid, official Freemason candidate for POTUS)

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