Monday, October 03, 2011


Ezranomics, cont.

((EP on JMKeynes):

"Within twenty-four hours of writing the above I find that R.H.C. (in New English Weekly for June 16, 1932) has at last found an expression simple enough to be understood by almost anyone, save possibly Maynard Keynes or some paid mouthpiece of British Liberalism.

‘Would you call it inflation to issue tickets for every seat in a hall, despite the fact that the hall had never been filled, or more than a fourth of the seats sold, because of there not being enough tickets available?

That is the foundation stone of the New (Douglas) economics.

Keynes may have found it out by now; he was incapable of understanding it in 1920, and until he makes definite public acknowledgment of the value of C. H. Douglas, I shall be compelled either to regard him as a saphead or to believe that his writings arise from motives lying deeper in the hinterland of his consciousness than courtesy can permit me to penetrate.""

(Not a condoning, Cont. peoples...merely reportage. Alter to "Some paid mouthpiece of American Liberalism " for similar humorous effect)

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