Thursday, October 13, 2011

Randians oppose OWS


The cult of Ayn--lest we forget, Ayn Rand is a hero to the likes of Paul Ryan, Greenspan, the Kochs, Limbaugh,etc.-- objects to the OWS protests:

""“But the Wall Street protests aren’t calling for an end to government intervention in markets–they want to increase it. Most of them, for example, want to increase wealth redistribution in the name of fighting income inequality.

“Contrary to their rhetoric, they do not oppose the banks on the grounds that Wall Street is in bed with Washington. Notice, for instance, the plans to protest outside the home of investor John Paulson, who cannot be accused of getting government favors, and the lack of complaints about taxpayer money being poured into GM, Chrysler, and Solyndra. They chose to protest Wall Street because, whatever its flaws, it symbolizes genuine capitalism...yada yada..."
Indeed, the OWS protests might be considered...fundamentally anti-Randian. Down with Ayn, the Oppressor! For too many years y'all been living under the boots of that skanky russian-jewesss pseudo-philosopher and ueber-capitalist (tho' most don't realize it).


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