Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mewt vs Nitt

Gingrich vs Romney

""NASHUA, N.H.—If Mitt Romney is weak broth, Newt Gingrich is a bouillon cube. Watching the two Republican presidential front-runners in New Hampshire over two days has been a study in contrasts. Romney is a known conservative ingredient suitable in a main dish. Gingrich is a powerful dose of partisan flavor to be used sparingly.

Gingrich is having his moment now because he offers punchy answers and ready solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. If he endures an examination of his personal baggage, his record on the issues, and his private-sector career, it will be in part because he is the “Republican Ideas Man.” But when you listen to those ideas—the scope of the change he is proposing, and the punch with which he delivers his pitch—you get the sense that that voters may not be interested in the Gingrich past because they’re too scared of the Gingrich future.

As Romney finished a four-day campaign swing through the state where he has dominated the polls, he touted his recent spending reduction plan and offered his carefully honed lines. President Obama “said if he was unable to get this economy turned around, he would be looking at a one-term proposition,” Romney said. “Well, I’m here to collect.”""

Many Mericans might consider a papist (Gingrich converted to the church of Aphrodite catholic church a few years ago) and a Mormonic to be completely at odds yet MR and NG have one thing in common: they're both members of  the Chickenhawk Hall of Shame.


Speaking of Mormonics:  it's Dennis Dunderson, LDS-Log Cabin guy and the P-dale press club

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