Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Evangelicals, Inc.

B.O. representin' for old-time religion:

""""" Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised a more active approach to faith-based social programs on Tuesday in a bid to bolster his support among evangelical and religious voters.

Obama visited a community ministry in a conservative region of the election battleground state of Ohio to unveil a plan to reinvigorate faith-based community programs first pioneered by President George W. Bush.

The Illinois senator, who will face Republican John McCain in November's presidential election, said he would put more money and emphasis on strengthening the link between government and community faith programs.


"The fact is, the challenges we face today -- from saving our planet to ending poverty -- are simply too big for government to solve alone," Obama said. "We need an all-hands-on-deck approach."

McCain and Obama are gearing up for a pitched battle for evangelical support in November's election. Neither candidate has inspired strong enthusiasm in the religious community, normally a core Republican bloc. """""

Americuns will be asked to decide on their choice of protestant Rapture, links oder rechts: Obama, and Reverend Wright, Phleger, Rev. Oprah, Jackson, Sharpton etc. OR McCain, and Rev. Hagee, and the rest of the GOP biblethumpers-- Or the Contingencies write-in, Senor N.O.T.A. Halle-loo-jah (see HL Mencken's prognostications regarding a calvinist regime for details).

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J said...

Ah BaptistBoi doin his rendition of JOhn Brown agin, and his pop-marxism extra-lite (real marxistas would just...........yeah _________ ya. So would have Jefferson's gang...........)

Contingencies stood with General Lee's cadre as they chuckled, and maybe sipped a bit of bourbon, when Rev. Brown and his homies twisted uncomfortably in their hemp-neckties for a few glorious minutos. (So did Ez Pound, in spirit..........and TJ)

Heh heh.

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