Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reverend Obama, continued.

From Yahoo news:

""""On Tuesday, touring Presbyterian Church-based social services facility, the Democratic senator said he would get religious charities more involved in government anti-poverty efforts if elected.

"We need an all-hands-on-deck approach," he said at Eastside Community Ministry.

The event was part of a series leading into Friday's Fourth of July holiday aimed at reassuring skeptical voters and shifting away from being stamped as part of the Democratic Party's most liberal wing.

He said the connection of religion and public service was nothing new in his personal life.

Obama showed he was comfortable using the kind of language that is familiar in evangelical churches and Bible studies by calling his faith "a personal commitment to Christ." He said that his time as a community organizer in decimated Chicago neighborhoods, supported in part by a Catholic group, brought him to a deeper faith and also convinced him that faith is useless without works.....yada yada yada"""""""

The BO-Train, proceeding according to planz. ObamaCo played the hipster leftist-progressive while at battle with Hillary (and humiliated her as often as possible), and now does the switcheroo to biblethumper (invoke "faith and communi-tay," quote Reagan, appease neo-cons like David Brooks, etc.) to get the xtian hicks on his side. Hustling the presbyterians, no less: prezbo's sort of like baptist trash who passed an accounting course or two (see Voltaire on Presbyterian England and scotland for details, or Hume, for that matter (presbo's circa 18th century carried torches outside DH's chateau).

(update: anyone who reads this or any other posts critical of B.O. as pro-McCain or GOP should be locked down and sedated. Opposing B.O.'s move to vichycratism (google "Feinstein" for a definition) does not at all imply supporting McLame's rather more alarming Reaganist-hawk perspective, or joining his supporters at the WF Buckley Hall. It means, more than likely, supporting the DFV party. Don't F-n Vote. (that's not exactly a vote for that libertarian quack Ron Paul either, yet at least his hands are mostly clean)

1 comment:

J said...

Hey Bubba-boy O'Tuscon: playing like yr the radical again, eh?

Wait until some of yr leftist palsies see yr born again xtian rants, yr votes for Reagan and Schwarzenegger, yr steroid abuse, yr anti-semitism, your GOreism (another vichycrat), yr quotes of prussian generals, not to say yr tasteless idiot muzak

Like McScab and beyta-bug, you are not a democrat. Yr.........vichy crats!

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