Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"All America is an asylum.""

Ez in da house ("with usura.....")

""""By the mid-1950's various influential figures and magazines were campaigning for Pound's release. After 13 years confinement, Pound's treason indictment was dismissed on 18 April 1958...On 30 June he set sail for Italy, giving the Fascist salute to journalists when he reached Naples, and declaring "all America is an asylum.""

"Exitus acta probat"


J said...

hey plagiarist:

you will never be published.

heh heh.

and uh KS Robinson about to testify on ya, too, Year of Bozo

J said...

wow deee-eeep PC thoughts from Bubbaski. His attempts at gonzo wouldn't fly at the yokel jr. college; HS Thompson wouldv'e ______________ the cheap baptist clown

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