Monday, April 27, 2009

DiFi the Enhancer

""""Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California pointedly noted that her Intelligence Committee already is investigating the Bush administration's legal underpinnings for the interrogation program and the value of information gained from it. And several Democratic leaders appeared to favor using that panel for any hearings.

I think that's a great idea. Sen. Feinstein can call herself as the first witness and explain why she enthusiastically endorsed waterboarding and other "enhanced" interrogation techniques back in the days before the Bush administration devastated al Qaeda, and we were all worried about being blown up.""""
That's not to bless the powerline hick--Contingencies favors an investigation into possible war crimes on the part of BushCo--but Powerline at least understands something like Due Process. The BO-bots have been stalling on the "Truth Commission" (paging Eric Blair) probably because the smarter Dems realize that any serious investigation will implicate most if not all leading Donkeycrats, including DiFi, Pelosi (who apparently approved of "enhanced" interrogation techniques as well), Hillarity, Kerry, Emanuel, Biden and the rest. The Torture party, say some in Bubbaland--that would be the Demopublican par-tay aka US Govt., though consistency rarely bothers a D-pub. Of course, prosecutors, whether real or wannabe, generally approve of torture as a tactic. As Nietzsche realized--not to say the ancient greeks-- most plebes crave retributive justice; the Erinyes brawl and byatch for a few dozen centuries until Apollo arrives with the Reason-light .

The vengeance craze also raises another problem: that some politician (of whatever party) approves of enhanced interrogation techniques does not therefore exculpate (google 'er Bubba) the officers and soldiers who have chosen to use such techniques, though many sentimental liberals seem to think otherwise. We might call this the My Lai meme. The grunt agrees to shoot enemy soldiers. He does not agree to My Lai-like devastation, and when he does follow a Lt. Calley's sinister commands to rape pillage and murder he has himself become party to the crime (and atrocity). Similarly, when soldiers agree to use torture they have themselves become party to the crimes of their COs (whether that's a colonel, or commander in chief). To think otherwise--to insist the underlings had to follow orders, and are therefore innocent--seems, like, tantamount to seriously sick mierda.

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