Friday, April 17, 2009

How not to Read a Wiki (Chiro-quacktics, cont.)

One McDyslexic writes ""A reader- just a tad off topic- writes:
subluxation”–his selling point for his gimcrackery ballpoints– has been debunked as pseudo-science (the spiritual substance of yr spine!)"""
I was curious so I consulted
wikipedia, which says nothing of the kind. Presumably that’s why there was no link."""

In fact, McDyslexic didn't even bother to read the entire Wiki (or can't): check the link again, Einstein. From the last paragraph:

"""Although research into the significance of the chiropractic
vertebral subluxation is ongoing in chiropractic circles, the concept is rejected by mainstream medicine and progressive chiropractors.""""
and from the cited article:

"""""Campbell JB, Busse JW, Injeyan HS (2000). "Chiropractors and vaccination: a historical perspective". Pediatrics 105 (4): e43. doi:10.1542/peds.105.4.e43. PMID 10742364.
"... considered disease the result of spinal nerve dysfunction caused by misplaced (subluxated) vertebrae. Although rejected by medical
science, this concept is still accepted by a minority of chiropractors....
Indeed, many progressive chiropractors have rejected the historical concept of the chiropractic subluxation in favor of ones that more accurately describe the nature of the complex joint disfunctions they treat.""""""""

Hmmm, to Reiterate: ""rejected by medical science."" Sort of like debunked? In fact, mo' better. Let's say it again, Subluxation....rejected by medical science. Bada bing, bada boom. Back to Houston, Reverend Fraudonius (now, let's hear Fraud-Ron's usual Ad Hominems, lies, verbal belches, character attacks. Mansonite, nnnneo-con queer nazis!).

More info. (from McDyslexic's own LINK via Wiki):

""""By using spinal manipulation therapy for the removal of subluxations,
[Palmer] believed he was influencing a life force within the body which he named
"innate intelligence," the unimpeded presence of which was essential for good
health. When he later equated innate intelligence with a personified part of
universal intelligence (God), the religious overtones of chiropractic became

Holy Subluxational Intelligence Batman!

More on Chiro-quacktics:

""""Building on the concepts of his father, B. J. promulgated a form of health care incompatible with that provided by practitioners of orthodox medicine. He emphasized that chiropractic did not cure or heal, but instead removed interference with the normal functioning of the innate intelligence, thereby allowing the body to heal itself. This concept resulted in a conflict with the germ theory of disease, which was gaining acceptance at the time. Although B. J. did not dispute the existence of germs, he rejected the proposition that they were the causes of infectious disease.

"""" Morris Fishbein, secretary of the American Medical Association (AMA) and editor of its journal from 1924 to 1949, was 1 of the most influential of the antichiropractic forces, grouping chiropractic along with antivivisectionism and osteopathy as "nonmedical cults," and referring to the profession as "chiroquactic.""""""

Ah those poisonous, evil.......Vaccinations, from the Zionist Lamanites: Into the fiery flames!

Can ah, ah get a witness?

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