Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off with their heads (Queen Feinstein on health care)

""Senator Dianne Feinstein has already taken a hammering from Dems and health care reform advocates for casting doubts on the prospects of President Obama’s health care reform efforts. MoveOn, for instance, aired an ad against her in California, demanding she show some leadership and fight harder to get the president’s reform plan passed.

Now Feinstein has hit back at the criticism from the left in an article about lefty groups targeting Dems for waffling on key components of health care reform:

“I do not think this is helpful. It doesn’t move me one whit,” she said. “They are spending a lot of money on something that is not productive.”

That sharply dismissive tone won’t exactly smooth over tensions......""""

DiFi whines in her predictably centrist-DINO tone. Just as predictable has been the blogocrat reluctance to criticize the DINOcrats and the blue dog types, who like, this pedazo de mormon mierda, cunningly argue for a conservative sort of taxpayer-funded plan which would release business owners from their obligation to pay ever-increasing healthcare premiums for their employees (premiums have recently gone up on all businesses, due to actions which the Demo's voted in). Brighamius is of course too stupid to realize even the Leahy plan will keep the higher premiums on businesses intact for most part (Leahy sort of dissed Medicare).

In effect, a single-payer plan--even Medicare, supposedly "socialized medicine"-- could be a windfall for corporate America, if the DINOs pass on the premium cost to normal citizens by substantially increasing Fed taxes (as Obama seems to favor). The Tri-committee plan--perhaps similar to Hillary's plan-- does appear to provide citizens with the most coverage, though financing has not been worked out. It does not seem nearly as "centrist" as Obama's own bill, which does give many big corporations the windfall (Contingencies has not as of yet mastered the murky waters of the healthcare Lagoon). The blue dogs are stalling on it, of course, mostly because they don't want to piss off the business owners, insurancemen, and doctors. Instead of passing off the tax-increases to the public or, in DiFi style, appeasing the nobles of business and medicine , they should grow some spine, and DEMAND higher premiums on companies to cover it, and also ensure that companies don't merely slash wages to pay for it. Curtailing or capping management salaries might work...


southside said...

The linked site NASA Worlds looks pretty scary and Feinsteinish too. I hate Sarah Palin, but Shatner's worse. His rap on Palin sounds misogynistic.

Remember his radio show? He supported the war and Bush/GOP. He sounded about like a Michael Savage neo con but tries to be funny. Now he acts like a liberal, when he's not.

He's revolting and not funny. I never really liked him in Star Trek either.

J said...

Shatzner's sort of a role model for suburban, phony-liberals, ss, like the New NASA Worlds gang. Hammy, pseudo-intellectual, with the Star Tech vibe. Bogus Pomp, as Zappa might have said.

Shatzner's pro-AIPAC in all things, reportedly. Really, he doesn't seem that different than Palin politically (though the people watching him on NBC are probably unaware of his Savage-like AM radio-rants from a few years ago).

J said...

The loudest clown at NASA Worlds, aka Bubbanius, actually fancies hisself a sort of liberal, when nothing could be farther from the truth, ss.

The authentic rational liberal--or progressive if you will--avoids relying on endless Ad Hominems and defamation and doesn't make grand obvious generalizations ("republicans are all violent, corrupt, deviant so forth." Health insurance is a ponzi scheme. Palin's a nazi, yada yada yada. How mutha-f-n banal, sort of beneath the usual scribbling of a average HS civics student).

I contend that sort of bad pop-gonzo of phony leftists like Bubba of NASA Worlds has only come about in the last few years because of KOS and similar sites (probably a backlash to windbags like Limbaugh and Co). Gonzo satire can be sort of effective at times --but one has to know how to wield it properly, like one has to know what one's doing when engaging in Aikido sparring.

HS Thompson of course could wield the gonzo sword--tho' even HST gets wearisome, if not irrational. Terry Southern another gonzo guru. Joan Didion to some degree--She wasn't as intense as HST or Southern , but no slouch as a scribe. Vonnegut.

Bubba's no HST or Vonnegut, or even apprentice HST. He couldn't write an entertaining letter to the editor in Podunkville, Iowa. The only place his loud, stupid rants appear are on blogs. No editor, even a drunken, meth binging, anarchistic editor, would publish his juvenile sentimental dreck.

The techie psycho webmaster at New NASA Worlds, "Max", however, allows this wheezebag the freedom to spew his ebonics- Scientology and liberal mormon rants, ad nauseum. Pathetic.

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