Monday, August 03, 2009

Buh bye Belle-Ron

Whoa, the mormon subluxanator and quack got his feelings hurt. Touched a nerve, by like pointing out the lack of data or evidence to support you or your palsie's undergraduate stalinist-Freud lite? And as I mentioned, liar, Popper and others pointed that out, years ago. You don't know jack about psychology, just like you don't know jack about first-order logic, or real science (your nursey courses from 25 years ago in Casa Grande don't mean jack either) Now, make shit up Kissingerius. Anything to keep the attention off your fraud and tax shelter. You're just another Tea-bagger, phony, as DU peeps now know as well (and we've also traced you at far right, anti-tax sites, Tea-ron, byatching about health-care premiums).

The Belle-ron usual: when somebody says something logical which ruins his little fraudulent ideology, lie,libel, and defame. Or plagiarize people! Or start quoting the Good Book (we have your Hagee fundie-racist church ID'd as well. Capiche?).

Your sweat-shop business is finito, fraud.

Per the democrats, and labor board, and Sac Bee (heh heh). Capiche, Schwarzenegger boy? (your lies and fraud have been exposed on DU as well! heh heh. Bad news, eh Schwarzi-wannabe).

And the HW chiropractor-quack site has been exposed to whistle blowers including--CA consumer affairs.

Capiche, mormon-mason misogynist? You might consider tickets back to Provo, occultist. Take yr dreck with you.

Now, get ready for trabajo (and regular tests for crack or tweek, basura)


J said...

Yo another thing, Bubba-belle:

I can write anything I want to. I haven't threatened you (as you have me) OR McWitless, or anyone on your pathetic NASA-Nixon site. For that matter, you have no proof that I have written ANYTHING there (and since nothing appears, it's not anything snitch). Now, when your lies and threats appear in my email (like all comments on Cont. do), then YOU have indeed harrassed me, especially since I have told you not to post ANYTHING. And I have about 40 threats and obscene rants from you, along with your copy cat site, and plenty of evidence of your lies and libel from NWs. You're the perp here, punk.

Note the above post: nothing but facts. You do pitch gimcrackery BS to chiropractors, Subluxanator. Looks like consumer fraud (note "looks like"). But we'll let CA and other Authori-tays make the final call. Either way, sleazy little two-bit shit, like your entire existence.

J said...

Note to anyone lurking --

this conversation might look absurd. It would not look so absurd were you to read the threats and regular obscene messages from the person referred to in above post (aka Belle-Ron, a vendor who specializes in selling gimcrackery devices to chiropractors, mostly of fundamentalist or mormon variety).

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