Thursday, October 01, 2009

William Rehnquist: maverick, poet, barbituate user.

"But ask [Justice Rehnquist] to bet, play poker, or talk books and poetry, and Rehnquist was all smiles. His passion was betting. Usually $1 bets, but on serious issues like the 2000 presidential race. On Supreme Court stationery, he faxed bets back and forth to Obermayer, eventually picking Bush in an Electoral College blowout. When it didn't happen and the Florida recount headed to his court for a final decision, he typed another note: "I therefore feel obliged to cancel all my election bets in any way dependent on the Florida vote."

Rehnquist, 4-Stripe Justice--his stripes a first in US History--and Steinford boy, felt obliged to cancel all his election bets in any way dependent on the Florida vote, at least until he, Scalia and their cronies could fix things up, and find a way to prevent a presidential election recount. You may or may not care for Al Gore (I don't), but the Gore camp merely wanted to double-check the Florida count. Let's not forget Florida was Jeb Bush territory. In effect, Rehnquist/Scalia rejected Truth because of a technicality. Rehnquist: still dead, and lovin' it.

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J said...

Response to mystery comment:

Actually, I don't, at least when they have some understanding of the Constitution, Due Process, ethics broadly speaking.

Nat Hentoff may not be my favorite writer, but he does affirm Due Process of a sort. Feinstein and the neo-cons on the other hand, don't, but affirm a sort of zionist monarchy (too bad you can't quite grasp that).

I have never blessed Mein Kampf or the nazis, however, even ironically (as have yr cronies Senrab and Saponius--they just keep it hushhush). Ezra Pound is no Von Moltke (or Churchill)

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