Saturday, December 19, 2009

Caiaphas wins again.

Ray Jennings found guilty/LATimes.

As Leonard states and as I pointed out previously, no physical evidence linked Jennings to the crime, and no murder weapon was ever found. What's more, do murderers report their own crime, and then wait for the police to arrive? Do bonded security guards carry guns to work on the first day on the job (when it's illegal to do so)? NO. And can a person be found guilty when no circumstantial evidence exists--i.e. no fingerprints, DNA, blood, or gunshot residue--which might be used to convict him of murder? NO. Better question: does the LA DA stack juries with bums and floozies to win a case? YES.

St. Augustine, De Mendacio: """On the other hand, those who say that we must never lie, plead much more strongly, using first the Divine authority, because in the very Decalogue it is written “You shall not bear false witness;” under which general term it comprises all lying: for whoso utters any thing bears witness to his own mind. But lest any should contend that not every lie is to be called false witness, what will he say to that which is written, “The mouth that lies slays the soul:” and lest any should suppose that this may be understood with the exception of some liars, let him read in another place, “You will destroy all that speak leasing.” Whence with His own lips the Lord says, “Let your communication be yea, yea; nay, nay; for whatsoever is more than these comes of evil.” Hence the Apostle also in giving precept for the putting off of the old man, under which name all sins are understood, says straightway, “Wherefore putting away lying, speak ye truth.”""" (Guar-ann-teed to scare the ph*ck out of a quack-mormon tee-shirt salesman--get your NASA tees, here, folks! With free subluxation exams, too...)

Bienvenidos a Perdido, basura. (Hear that Rex Parris? DenDen Anderscum? Maj. O'Thief? Hellbound, fatboys, along wit' your cronies)

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