Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holy Marian Apparition Batman

Maria visits Zeitun, Egypt (narrated by Ricardo Montalban...whoa)

¡Hay Ella Esta!

""""Though the being to whom the miracle is ascribed be almighty, it does not, upon this account become a whit more probable; since it is impossible for us to know the attributes or actions of such a being, otherwise than from the experience we have of his productions, in the usual course of nature. This still reduces us to past observation, and obliges us to compare the instance of the violations of truth in the testimony of men, with those of the violation of the laws of nature by miracles, in order to judge which of them is most likely and probable. [.......

And, as the evidence, derived from witnesses and human testimony, is founded on past experience, so it varies with the experience, and is regarded either as a proof or a probability, according as the conjunction between any particular kind of report and any kind of object has been found to be constant or variable. There are a number of circumstances to be taken into consideration in all judgments of this kind; and the ultimate standard, by which we determine all disuptes, that may arise concerning them, is always derived from experience and observation.""""

And come Maria, when she decides to visit the material realm, doesn't drop off a few million pesos, or take the machine guns out of the bad guys' hands, or at least ..say deliver some tasty cheese-product to the Peoples?? Hmmm.

Also, see here.

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