Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gov. Megzanegger

Meg Whitman-- in the hallowed tradition of...Schwarzenegger, and Pete Wilson

"""[Wilson is Whitman's campaign chair-person], and he brings along some of his close associates, as he did with Schwarzenegger. After winning a narrow election victory and seeing his popularity decline, Wilson sponsored an anti-welfare initiative. He then rode the anti-illegal immigrant Proposition 187 to re-election in 1994. A year later, while Wilson tried to run for president, it emerged that he had employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper. Not long after, he sponsored the disastrous electric power deregulation scheme that led to widespread market manipulation, blackouts, and the enrichment of Enron and other corporate wrongdoers. Whitman calls him California's greatest governor."""

Bienvenida, la gran Puta

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