Friday, March 26, 2010

The Meg and Mitt show

William Bradley/HuffPo

""""Billionaire Meg Whitman, introduced by her mentor, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, laid out a program of big business conservatism at last weekend's California Republican Party convention banquet in Santa Clara.

As a character, Meg Whitman lacks evident psychological credibility. Why is someone with no engagement in public affairs before her sudden leadership role in the 2008 Republican presidential campaigns -- someone who couldn't even be bothered to vote, and can't say how long she's lived in California -- suddenly running for governor of the state?

Conservative Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Whitman's business mentor, provides the answer. It was his idea that Whitman run for governor, and he convinced her to do it. Whitman served as a national finance co-chair for Romney, who hired her at Bain & Co., before serving as national co-chair of the McCain-Palin campaign. """"

In the immortal words of HS Thompson, Fuck those people (And the DINOs who are cozying up to Megzilla and MoroniCo as well).

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