Sunday, January 16, 2011


"""There is a scream emanating from Arizona that is reaching down the block, across the street, up the boulevard and into virtually every household in America.

We hear it in Granada Hills and Van Nuys as clearly as they hear it at the source - a Tucson plaza where Jared Loughner sprayed 9mm bullets into a crowd, killing six and injuring 13.

It is a scream of outrage, horror and grief that encircles images of the grinning 22-year-old madman who did the shooting, a congresswoman who fights for her life and a little girl who died.

They have become symbols of the moment in America that has inscribed itself into the journals that keep our history, the tale of an aberrant Don Quixote quest to right a wrong that was never wrong in the first place. They, and us, are the victims we scream for. ....""

When he's on (o tal vez sobrio, ese) Martinez out-scrawls a few dozen blogs worth of hacks (and most of the LA Times apparatchiks as well). Shades of Saroyan...

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