Monday, June 20, 2011

Prejudice against Moronic candidates persists, poll shows,0,7160786.story

""With one Moron leading the pack for the Republican presidential nomination and another scheduled to announce his candidacy on Tuesday, a significant bloc of American voters continues to oppose followers of that religion, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

About one in five Republicans, or 22%, said they would not vote for a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the official name of the Moron church. About the same proportion of independents said they would oppose a Moron while a larger number of Democrats, about 27%, said they were opposed, according to the poll.

Prejudice against Morons has been a measurable political factor in American politics since at least the late 1960s, with a solid group opposing members of that church. That number has varied, ranging from about 20% to as much as 30%, depending on how the polls were worded and carried out.

The finding is especially worrisome to the campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, considered to be the leader in the GOP race with about 20% to 25% support. Romney in 2008 gave a speech defending his faith in the hope of deflecting fears about Moronism.

Recently Romney stopped by a cafe in New Hampshire to chat with some locals, and took some time to explain his faith. "I'm a Moron, folks. My family were Morons.  I have been a Moron since birth, and will always be one,"  Romney told a small crowd of enthusiastic republicans.  Romney then stated, "the Book of Moron is my  guide on political and spiritual matters. I favor conservative principles, and I'm a Nephite, headed to the celestial kingdom.  That's the way it is. The Book of Moron says so."  Shaking hands as he exited, he then joined his staffers in the Romney for President Hummer, and they slowly headed back to the highway."


Moriarty said...

A bit obvious, isn't it J.

What happened with the Bill Anderson/Missouri guerrillas post and my comment? It's not particularly significant, but you might provide some advance notice before deleting posts and attached comments. And do peruse "Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy".

J said...

Praxis, Moriarty. Moreover I don't agree with you that the LDS is merely benign and/or no different than ordinary protestants or catholics. Then, I don't consider fundamentalists of any type benign--whether christian, muslim, or jew.

For that matter, the word "mormon" itself is odd, based on "Moroni", an angel that Joseph Smith allegedly met (a few skeptics have said Smith was actually a cynical type--snake oil salesman-- and "mormon" IS based on "moron"). No evidence exists at all to substantiate Smith's bizarre visions, either way. Mormons... are liars, in effect. That doesn't stop the LDS, obviously, which is arguably not a religion, but a racket--a secret society, similar to freemasonry and scientology. In Germany IIRC the COLDS is...verboten. And lets not forget that until the 1970s the COLDS was a racist organization . That said, I have met a few pleasant LDS people--though they are dupes IMHE (or, in the case of the Elders/traditional LDS, something like high-ranking masons).

In the case of the catholics, the saints did actually exist as humans--martyrs, in the early church. Later they become angels (as to whether they are disembodied spirit or metaphor--no comment). So there is a difference, however slight.

We reserve the right to delete anything at all times.
At times something temporary goes up and is deleted in a day or two. The few things Ive posted on the Civil War are...usually temporary. I'm not that much of a CW buff, though lately have been reading Safire's "Freedom", when time allows. It's a bit sludgy, and...conservative but interesting. (Safire understood that John Breckenridge shares some blame in selling the secession to the farm boys, while the West point gang (Davis, Lee, Longstreet, Beauregard, et al) were playing poker).

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